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Formed in the Spring of 2018, Out From Under is an original hard rock band based out of Metro Detroit.  They are a group consisting of dedicated, life long musicians who are committed to raising the level of integrity, creativity, and excitement in Detroit rock.
Guitarist and songwriter, Robbie Fraser, has been involved in several notable projects in and around Detroit over the past few years including being a founding member of rock acts StellarDrive and Thigh High Roots.  A proven rhythm section provided by bassist Matt "Hippie" Hellebuyck and drummer Tim Boddington have underpinned local heavy rock bands like Facture and Cadre, providing them with rock solid foundations.  Add in the powerful vocal approach and incredible dynamic range of Dexter native John Germain and what you have is a musical force to be reckoned with for years to come.
Are you ready to get Out From Under?
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